especially when tumours are of an osteoid or fibro-plastic nature, and of
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more persistent and less variable than those of aneurysm. Thus dyspnoea
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series of changes. In the paralysis resulting from various focal diseases
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tion ceased on the right side on the thirty-eighth day
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evident), it may be easily mistaken for the much more frequent
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growth, nur was there any extension from the liilum along the course of
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case. The favorable impression which the profession
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organised polypoid thrombi, about which nothing more need be said ;
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and often appear long before any signs of paralysis, and at a time when
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Part I. Trophic lesions in tabes. — A. Osteopathies. — In the
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from their destruction present irregular, anfractuous, i-aggcd, and ulcerous
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" pachymeningitis cerAncalis,'" where the distortion varies according to the
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I:i lesions of the cauda equina or nerve roots, whether by tumour or
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Without entering into a discussion on the pathology of tremor, we
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and tender to the touch, and of a dark bluish color
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facie qua valvula valvulas spectabat, membranse laminae ex quibus ilia
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paraesthesia, hemiansesthesia, hemianopsy, etc. Frequently there is
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are usually smaller and more limited tumours, and in respect of their
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part of the cervix which during labor was compelled
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of tuberculous foci, either by external applications
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the higher the uterus will be lifted, and vice versa.
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pound of su'phate of zinc (white vitriol) is as silently
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muffled, but unattended with murmur; its action intermitted about twice in
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Lastly, there are certain states of the blood in which a limited
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extension , and the possible combination should be duly borne in mind
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curred primarily from parturition, mechanical injury
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spasm (Adamkiewicz, and others) ; more so still when the mechanical stimu-
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importance than Charcot's of 18G8. This was followed at a very short
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undoubted bronchorrhagias, pneumorrhagias, and suicidal cutting of
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