irritation of a nerve in some part of its course from its proximal distribu-
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lung, such as is usually met with in cardiac failure, yet there had been
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delay, in order to prevent fatal asphyxia. With some
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Viertcl. f. Dermat. u. Syphilis, 1,S88, Bd. xx. p. 19.— 23. Idem. Allg. TVien.
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of the mucous membrane was secondary to the aneurysm, not its cause.
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hamstrings, the calf muscles, the tibialis anticus and peroneal muscles,
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immaterial, for the production of temporal headache Avith tenderness over
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other times the pain, though paroxysmal and aching in character, is local,
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been suggested — first, that the disease is due to a toxin ; secondly, that it
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it must be regarded as one of the characteristics of the disease. Several
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the skin. In the fatal case the poison was discovered
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delivered under a pressure of 36 inches of mercury,
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both ])rimary and secondary. Mediastinal fibroma is solitary, and seldom
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and also where there are diffused miliary nodules, dry or moist rales may
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exce])tional. Intravascular plugs, however, occur, which are made up
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to prove that, although not frecpient, it is really of practical importance,
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interference with the functions of the ganglia, or to indirect implication
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prognosis, and, if he is a versatile and accomplished
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2. For 2 new subscribers and §10, a copy of Naphey's
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Nov. 1882. — 49. West, S. " Case of Rayn lud's Disease with a peculiar Eruption on the
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mischief surrounding an injury to any other tissue."
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Medical Journals for publication, and to his wife and
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cases of chyliform ascites may occur in the course of heart disease.
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feature, and may persist for many years. In other cases the onset of the
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of "aneurysm by so long a period as to raise a doubt whether it has
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of the inner surface of the heart and vessels is the physical property
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Acute articular rheumatism. — There was a time when rheumatic phle-

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