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this number of passages. Test III shows the result of 4 animal

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taken for haMuophilia, if the history of the patient is accurately taken.

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become very pale and assume a dusky yellow color quite distinct from the

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lished in England and Wales. Since that time yearly statements

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Observedarea 107.0 89.6 76.0 62.1 55.1 39.7 32.5 29.1 23.0 19.5

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tions of opium had failed' to produce an impression, and when

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longer continuation of warm and genial weather than has been no-

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color. The Malpighian bodies are prominent, and present the appearance

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drawn, and an abscess was discoverd to exist at its root. With

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of which' she died, and a short time subsequently, the infant child, a

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lullowiog it agam did good for a time* In this chm Uie relief was only

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one — the lining of the intestine does not secrete

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Morbid Anatomy. — Its principal pathological lesion is an increase in the

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curs at every subsequent period of childhood, and more frequently

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greater number under one year. In six cases inflammation of the

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there being produced beyond the point of constriction a dilation of

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Dr. C D. Meigs related the particulars of a case of parturition

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The diet must he highly nutritious and ahsolutely non-stimulating ; I

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2nd. In regard to the mode of accomplishing this object. Your

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patient. A similar enema was given, with the most satisfactory

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membranes, as those covering the sexual organs, v/ithout any solution of

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was alluded to by several of the Fellows. In illustration of the ef-

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in the year previous; these are counted as new api)li-

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culiar combination of other symjatoms. It has been noticed that paralysis

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F., remains at that point for a couple of days, and then rapidly declines.'

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in justice to themselves, should call in an osteopath

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pigmentation of the parts. Similar lesions are found in the mucous mem-

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with the supply of blood to the head, as pressure on, or ligation of, the

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ness of the respiratory sound. A year ago she began to suffer from hiccough,

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but the amount and time of maximum gas formation varied slightly.

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Finkler, von Linden, Meissen, Strauss, and others, reported that copper i

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not be produced but by the simultaneous movements of several

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month. On the morning of the eleventh, the temperature indicated

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perfusate necessary to enable the heart to utilize dextrose immedi-

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