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or followed immediately after it, or else rheumatic fever succeeded
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any other 20 years, though the period from 30 to 50 is nearly as productive as that
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the mouth, and in some quantity in the trachea. Portions of the
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this institution are Jews the percentage of syphilitic infection
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tion of iodine. These casts are usually accompanied by fetor, and
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in the connective tissue, and may be transplanted from one individual
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the slides to the right or left. The flame of the spirit lamp should not
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The really knotty point is how to account for the first case, that of
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results in acidosis which often terminates in coma unless the
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the arrival of the allied fleett there. Throughout 1865, the disease existed in
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men, horn their sedentary life, and from a looser contexture of vessels, are more
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have found that syphilitic (piack doctors, in nine cases out often, give remedies
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ing had greal experience in the treatment of thousands thus afflicted, by giving at-
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he considers as varieties of phlegmon of the iliac fossse, true
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some houses spread through every apartment, and the inmates even sleep in an at-
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of Physiology, &c., in the University of Utrecht .... 169
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with a little good brandy — the brandy to bo taken internally and the ointment
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lead liim whithersoever she will. Therefore, we may say, that the actions of the
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to the temporal and supra-orbital regions, and they are always
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the operation at all, but of the operator, who is more anxious to
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movement, but the stool passes in very small quantities.
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gible amount of nausea and vomiting. The course since opera-
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northern regions of the Continent were infected for some time before
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Her form, make, organization, thoughts and feelings are expressly constituted, all
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frequently pass off of themselves, leaving the patient much as

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