to look at it in the same light, such an effort would

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The source of the embolus causing pulmonary haemorrhagic infarc-

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the more recent experiments of Baginsky failed to confirm this observa-

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of the cases recorded are too often inisatisfactory as regards details,

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"globular" structure of the primitive tissues of the

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in all cases to give the digestant in admixture with

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parts of the coronary arteries. The segments of the mitral valve were

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a patient who died in 1894 of pernicious anaemia; but both aortic and

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I. An acute typhoid osteitis ; II. An acute inflamma-

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solid growth, the intercostal spaces are not prominent, though the normal

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in the first year ] indeed the statistics of Hjellmann show that it is most

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vomited, or more often passed by the bowel alone ; repeated leakage

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may ache also. Occasionally the teeth aflected are tender to percussion,

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thrombus, alrhough it may be sufficient to give it a predominantly red

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man in active practice who has once made its acquaint-

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spread. Lymphatic stagnation leads to dilatation and opening up of

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as distinguished from it by position and character. Or there may be

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ally administered, and sometimes bromides at night,

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ble. It should be remarked that the antiseptic mode

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applicable to serous cysts, we must sui)pose that the lymph from this

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com[)aratively slight, accidental, and easily yielding to treatment ; in

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•24. Welch. "The Stiuctuje of "White Thrombi," Trans. Path. Soc. of Ihlla-

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growth not infrequently occurs in the mediastinum, comparatively speak-

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till after he was unconscious. Stimulants were used

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tied with silk ligatures, not separately, but three or

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