bladder is distended to within two inches of the um-

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Special section. — Under this head fall the individual affections of

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able in the disorder; that, in the great majority of

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tember, 1876, at Philadelphia, during the sessions of

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palate does not occur. The association of these symptoms, which is

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this very familiar but often imperfectly explored vessel, its normal or

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patient must be treated, however, according to the nature and relative

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not pass more than 10 inches. Dover powders, grs. x,

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The plateleis are increased in ^wst-hsemorrhagic ana'mia (Hayem), which

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is the explanation of this '? Are these symptoms due to an associated

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Bois Reymond's Archiv. the results of their experi-

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but in marked cases there is an aspect of semi-strangulation most painful

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the mobility of the gravid uterus, without the appli-

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careful investigations of Dr. Fleming show that degenerative changes in

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pressure, and an erythematous rash, resembling erysipelas, situated over

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Mercy Hospital Gynecological Clinic, by Prof. E. W.

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touch not unlike a section of large intestine, and as

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stump, but tightening the ligatures readily controlled

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experimental, and clinical facts, and it is well for any one who believes

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there was " no pulsation in the tumour, which is now perfectly station-

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of the cure of an aneurysm under very favourable circumstances ; or

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treatment in the operation for closure of the lacerated

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centres is, of course, only a special case in certain localisations of cere-

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conservative surgery, especially conservative uterine

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deep inspiration, breath gradually becoming shorter,

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89. Gi.rziNSKi. DetUsch. Arch. f. kl, Med. 1895, liv. p. 178 (for relerences to Perl

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absent. The age of the patients is usually fifty to fifty-five ; the disease

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