is the fibrillated fibrin, which is generally present in large amount. It

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attended liy a deposit of fibrin on its walls internally ; l)y pieference in

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of the vascular storm, and in the order in which spasm and paresis

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of the peculiarities of character remarked upon in a previous section of

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become difficult. The affected muscles waste, and the absence of the

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Such being the case, it appears not unreasonable to suppose that symp-

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basal meninges, without the existence of an external wound, Avould

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the Cervix uteri. Read before the Medical Society of Vir-

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red corpuscles, and in part to changes in the walls of the capillaries of

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graphic pencil ; then the needles, after being rendered thoroughly aseptic,

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feet lower level. At this point the horse suddenly stopped, and the

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system. Practitioners are less in need of a knowledge

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introduced in the California legislature to prohibit

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Several cases of local syncope, local asphyxia, and gangrene have been

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Cutaneous anaesthesia and muscular hyperaesthesia often co-exist in

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and also stated that in one family there was an uncommon increase

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and untuward events which may supervene in cases of this class must be

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the drug. Interference with the use of the arms and

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coagulative necrosis are distinctive characters of pulmonary as of splenic

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attention ; but as a rule some disturbances are pi'oduced. Under any

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laminated clot which was seated partly on the posterior communicating,

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recognised by its physical characters than by any symptoms it may

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bearing upon the present subject. ^ It is found that in spinal myosis

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The characteristic pain is increased more by deep than by superficial

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marks are exceedingly fresh where the legs are con-

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i. and ii. 1894. — 9. Woodhead. Journal of Pathulogy and Bacteriology. — 10. Sittox.

Bactrim And Warfarin