though the proportion of cases is not formidable. Out of 1165 cases of
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with few exceptions the cases are secondary to a local tuberculous focus
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just sufficient to slightly increase his heart action, there is a
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mental ailment or disease. But we respectfully submit that the
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berry yet introduced. It is imperfect as to blossom. The
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conclusions, which are as definite and positive as present scientific
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structed that its supply of hot, cold, and ice water is sufficient for all
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ing, catching of the breath, and difficulty in expelling the
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formerly were desirable places of residence, particularly on
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ing the degree of doctor of dental surgery, or being licentiates of
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I found before the Ontario Medical meeting that many mem-
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All the most recent text-books teach erroneously that hyperpyrexia
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treatment of diseases of the skin in America has made great
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points for the sense of pain, although at certain points even feeble irri-
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is something beyond, something which you can do — something, in
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except that the flavor of all our Eastern fruits and vegetables
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Treatment of Special Symptoms. — The initial pain, -which is of an
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element in the management of hysteria; not, however, by reason of
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a very great addition and a great boon. The trees have beau-
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materials should amass large and even enormous profits by the
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because the physician hangs on to the case until too late, and the
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synovitis, affecting one or oftener several joints, and a chill or a series
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tional Drinks — Methods of artificially aging Whiskey, etc. — Rum, Gin,
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solids of the milk, leaving out the fats. It sours the milk by
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tendant upon hyperpyrexia, but, independently of the latter condition,
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Here intravenous saline injections may come in, especially
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was again registered. Now a douche was administered and the curve
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the clavicle and the prominent bony ridges of the acromion, etc.,
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tion of the cutaneous capillaries which take place. A superficial
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ter. Port, Madeira, and sherry are most dangerous of all, in
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thing like a fig, and is eaten like it. The taste grows on one.
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need attention. No proprietary preparation containing opium,
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patients in New York City gave entirely negative results as

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