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consisting of platelets with fibrin and leucocytes, is deposited upon it.
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lightning pains and vevy marked disturbances of sensation with delay in
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internal cause in the shape of a foetus. The case is
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diet, tobacco, alcohol, and other habits, forbidden.
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from some suppurative and infective disease in its tributary branches ;
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the supposed better management of affections of the
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its transmission ; nystagmus ; myosis and the Argyll-Robertson pheno-
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especially, has added to oiu* knowledge of the anatomy of the nerve cell,
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If the pain and tenderness spread forwards to affect the frontal area, the
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and backward pressure have already been referred to. Thrombosis after
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one is the statement in the foreign correspondence of
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after taking dinner, he walked from Vesey street to
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to the posterior cutaneous branches, and the presence, sometimes demon-
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belong to British physicians and surgeons. Tufnell, in 185.3, called
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anterior and posterior spinal arteries. Many of the lesions which pass
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i knee returned to its normal size, and the limb regained
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consciously, underrated the difficulties generally ex-
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can be seen in the muscular tissue. The occurrence of actual abscesses
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(filar mass of Flemming). The cytoreticulum appears to be identical Avith
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of both retiuiB, is due to interruption of the visual fibres in the optic tract,
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morbid anatomy consists, so far as is known, in an increase of fatty and
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old laminated coagulum extending into the iliacs. I have found fifty-nine
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growth having to be cut away from the chest wall, and the diaphragm
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dispose it to yield to the immediate causes of aneurysm, and to
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reduce 42 grams (647 gr.) of calomel into black oxide
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between even so nearly related species as the zebra
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they are also present in the root, and in the second and third divisions of
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the temporal area of the scalp, Avhether the disease be phthisis destroying

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