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local anaesthesia not infrequently appears ; sometimes there is perverted

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Both the lower limbs remained extended, the patient

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Although the extra-cerebral course of the nerve is long, yet isolated

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The medullary tissue is also the seat of well-marked changes : briefly

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to the table of lympho-sarcoma. Most pathologists do not make any

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fatal termination within a short period is inevitable.

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The patient, most commonly a man, and usually between 40 and 65

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disease a spasm of the arterioles is probably brought about by irritation of

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alization, however administered, and the fact that the

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Society of the State of Wisconsin. The provisions of

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the extension of cancer into the pulmonary tissue all distinctions of its

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are generally situated at some little distance from the very ends

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from a patient in his service at St. Vincent's Hos-

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practitioners and to their patients ; to quackery; the

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certain, a little of it having passed out of the wound;

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therefore only be incidentally alluded to as causes of certain mediastinal

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tors as being endowed with extraordinary properties

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like seizures depend, I suppose, on occasional excessive discharges begin-

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are said to be harmful, except when resolution is de-

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pressure becoming equalised during the growth of the tumoitr. It must

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Electricity is not of great benefit. Galvanism has l)een recommended,

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significance. Special kinds of expectoration have been describee! . but

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Averaging perhaps two to six centimetres in diameter, a single infarct

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2 and 3. — 16. Cakkieke and Eaixguet. "Following on Injury," Gaz. leldom. voL

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tion and extent of the infarction are suitable for resection of the bowel.

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posterior c[uadrigeminal bodies. There is no sharp line of demarcation

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ganglion removed, without fear of disorganisation of the eye. The

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direction north-south should never be allowed except

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incorrect in his views, so far as he states them, but

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