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son professorship of physiology at this institution.
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growth, as it occurred in adults after fever, and wfts
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"I Richardson. Journ. of the Boston Soc. of Med. Sci., 1899, vol.
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diseases of the respiratory organs (London) 134, whooping
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surplus of 2,000 physicians is thrown on the profes-
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a firm stand as to yielding any essential points in
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A pale, indurate^d, round area the size of a silver dollar
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man being in a remote part of the district, he recom-
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chloric acid can be found after repeated trials are
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.May 1, 1901. Left eye showed a neuro-retinitis. The
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built. The town is placed on a platform or delta of
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cine, from the standpoint of sociology, at the pres-
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instance I believe I aborted an incipient facial ery-
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referred to the work of Welch, who found the strep-
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ostomy from both pouches ; (6) partial gastrectomy.
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affairs could be reported to the health authorities. A
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siderable infiltration of round cells ; and in some of
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that insanity must at last result from this exhausting and
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Foster, F. P. Surgical advance in the United States, 663.
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(4) By experimental inoculation of animals with blas-
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from cholera now reported reaches more than 80,000.
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following facts, gleaned from the writings of those

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