Spongia Fluviatilis. — Pulverized with vinegar and water as a

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Tennessee. — Frank A. Ramsey,. James Rodgers, R. O. Currey. B*

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writing the book before us is to controvert the tradition which

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effort of this struggle was the purchase of one of the then celebrated

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means of an aneurism compress on the groin. The case did well ;

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and nerves that were drawn tightly over the sac, I was now

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of this, about three-quarters are vegetable and not animal. At the

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Secretaries. — Robert C. Foster, of Tennessee. A. J. Semmes, of

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effects than in a healthy condition of these organs. Here, then,

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until his puckering ligature strikes the rubber tubing, which he

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tioned, that, in the naval brigade, which took a prominent part throughout

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which this remedy was employed with good results. Van Dye

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old, attacked with bronchitis, through great distress from difficulty

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minimum, and the consequent retardation of the circulation, in

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The next report was from a member of the committee " on Purga-

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iodine, or the iodide of iron, without combining them with glyce-

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2d. That situated in the sub-cutaneous cellular tissue.

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requirements of medical practitioners. Unless the vigorous conserva-

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by empirical remedies, but which are now capable of being suc-

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We think, then, it may be stated beyond dispute, that in this

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in the view now brought forward ; it cannot be regarded as a

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superficial, external layer of pure silica, more or less covered

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ness, good constitution, and to the effects of our unparalleled climate, in

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As a made-up wine it is manufactured similarly to Madeira,

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siderable portion of the iris will be dragged out at

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As to the use of the terms "depressor" and "alterative,"

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delivered. In another case by Frank, the uterus protruded through

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variety. There is hardly a physical or functional lesion of an} T tissue or

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