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Directing attention first to the descriptive history of vaccinia in man,

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structure of the brain. We must also concede to phrenologists,

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tremor, more especialh' tremulonsness of the tongue and notable dejection.

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The falling off in the use of mercurial frictions is well

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returns, with frequently a recurrence of the febrile movement, debilit}", and

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bowels had not been moved for the last thirty-six hours, she

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Malingerers sometimes feign hemiplegia. They are apt to pretend that

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tliat they will tend still stronger to confirm the esti-

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i9 a text-book for students of medicine.— C/iiert^ o

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opium every third hour. After the second dose the pain abated,

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seiner Blutversorgung. Arch. f. Phys. u. Anat., Phys. Abteil., S. 457.

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Cicatrized openings in the urethra, whether they be small

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Fig. 26 Motor nerve termination from one of the vessels on the mesial sur-

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('82) in his figure of this fish. The branches of this ramus and

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tion from its normal configuration. In the Levaditi preparations,

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a simple acute or chronic meningitis, the latter affecting especially the

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artery beyond the orifice, fremissement is felt, while on the

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from the threshold of stimulation up to a certain point the fall

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septum. As shown in the figure, the fiber (fi) divides at its

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are the same as in other of the continued fevers. In the existing state

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tion, the high i-iaudard of excellence which it bad

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They would contract equally under the stimulus of volition, were this

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