extensive a coexistent impairment of sensibility of the bod}' and limbs
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dividing the external rectus no such objection to a
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differ so widely when applied to practice by its advo-
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than thrombosis of the neck and arms, and, on account of the a-dema
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him to stop short, and that oidy after a time could he with great care
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but as a coml;)ination of the two in varying proportions ; to pi'oduce this
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respectfully submit that the methods and aims of this
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opening into the duodenum, which had almost healed up, but presented
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Periodontitis or alveolar abscess may produce a pain away from the tooth
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attention ; most pronounced atrophic changes in bones occur in associa-
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of Ross is of importance, for he showed (12), in a case of tabes dorsalis,
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lary roots were divided. Of seventeen experiments, in which anaesthesia of
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but appeared to have died instantly, as she uttered no more sounds.
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cannot overcome it. If a certain voluntary movement is repeated several
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instance). For the most part, therefoi'e, he confined the name aneurysm
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endophlebitis has been described by Vaquez (endophlebite vegetante).
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of these Avill be found in the monographs of Leichtenstern and of Lasker ;
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painful swellings in the muscle, in which ossification takes place, with the
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that there are wide differences in the rapidity of de-
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influence over it. The features of tetany persist through the convulsive
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also, softening and ulceration of the tissues (if the lung take place, leading
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of lymph from them. I have pointed out (10) that the openings of the
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ances ; namely, that the tubercle granulations always become caseou-s, and
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of the sensory division of this nerve ; and it will be shown elsewhere
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entirely satisfactory? Up our way the subject is being
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hydrophobia, is attracting so much attention, I will
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group of cases in the spinal cord ; in another group in the peripheral
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the mobility of the gravid uterus, without the appli-
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prominence of the lobules are due to the difterences conVCVfid from the brOUchuS.
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be below these points, but by the reduplication of the
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times be felt extensively over lung infiltrated with cancer. On the

Zyloprim Classification