In relation to this question it must be remembered that the condition

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safely assumed that sometimes the peripheral nerves are solely impli-

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performed, and, when the small muscles of the thumb are weak, the

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people, whose arteries are degenerating and whose muscular blood-supply

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or a main bronchus ; or the paroxysmal and spasmodic type, associated

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gangrene; occasionally indeed these "tachet/es" (as they have been

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tory system had been extensively ruptured years be-

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nal organs, the liver, spleen a.nd kidneys, contained

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majority of sacculated aneurysms the inner and median coats give way

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panied by this form of hemianopsia, yet in practice various forms of scotoma

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nervous supply from tAvo sources — the nerves Avhich act on the radiating

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the same length. The blood can enter at each end of the short loop

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Both feet suffer, but to an unequal degree, one foot being attacked a little later than the

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septicfemia, or j^lithisis. In a few cases no distinct cause conld be

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organs, such as the brain, lungs, kidney, and spleen, the arteries are

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It is an admirable place in which to bury an impor-

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attacked, but shows signs of past loss of substance and a recent thin black edge of gangrene

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off the liquid, further precipitation of the metal, as

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strongly disproving the frequent assertion that med-

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P.-M. — General pleuritic adhesions. Right ventricle greatly dilated and

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depends chiefly upon the flatness of the feet and the Aveakness of the

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was blocked by a thrombus, the size of a pea to a bean, attached to a

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