circumstances, because it is not common to have both sciatic nerves

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inflammation, but also degeneration, atrophy, and other lesions afiecting

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The biceps and brachialis can no longer flex the arm at the elbow

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tion of granular cells, and at the same time proliferation of the muscle

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as the ordinary tactile manipulation of the pulses, may here be l^rought into

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Kever). — 128. Rattone. Morgagni, 1887, xxix. p. 577. — 129. Vincent. Mercredi

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which constitutes an aneurysm presumes a local weakening, mostly

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the development of an ichthyctic condition of skin. Areas of hypcr-

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Essays, vol. i. p. 1'28.— 21. D-WIDson. Lancet, vol. ii. 1891, p. 14;36 ; vol. i. 1892,

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reckoned as sef>arate cases by Selter and by Rous.sel are identical). — 145. Selter. Ueh.

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muscles — affection of which gives rise to scjuint and diplopia — and the

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antecedent. One variety of extensive muscular atrophy must be

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A^aso-motor centres and their abnormal efferent vaso-motor impulses, lead-

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found of great value to students of human pathology.

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mediastinal tumour, owing to displacement or embarrassment of the

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degree of bodily vigor, marry, have children, and die

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allg. Path. u. path. Anat. 1896, l<d. vii. S. 81. — 5. PruvMious. Arch, de med. exper. et

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connective tissue, from the membranes (meningo-myelitis or cerebritis), or

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There are two cases in which it seems fair to believe that injury

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improvements in domiciles, in water supply, in drain-

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hydrate. Then the alkalinity of pancreatic juice is

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patient insisted on going back to his Avork. He remained in seeming

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endothelioid cells beneath the endothelium. These cells, as well as the

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of being dismissed apparently " well." After very careful and re-

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