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Sixth District: Councilor, R. W. Kennedy, Marshall. Coun-

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The batches of serum 941 kept in the ice-box showed definite spontaneous

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health of industrial workers.’ ” This body gives the

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highly effective in the control of hyperthyroidism,

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growth known as " primary carcinoma '* is probably the least frequent.

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and overhead were also whitewashed, and the posts in this room were painted 4 feet

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biotics; when to operate; type of operation; use of

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whether the institution requires the signature of the nearest relative,

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advice of representatives of the United States abroad, if the necessity for such a course

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over the entire surface of the serum, did not assume the moist, shining

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Bureau of Animal Industry which have appeared in different medical journals and which

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Of the 13 cities 6 were cities in which Federal inspection had not

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a force to penetrate the vessels of the heart valves. Proper pressure, a

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The pouch is usually but not always dilated, so that its circumference

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plantation proved successful. Some of the bone used

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show themselves. In boys, for examide, the i>ubic hairs fail to extend up

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