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sufficient to awaken him. There was no restriction of motion in the right

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tendency to obesity. Her monthly periods have generally been

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In that ordinary railk has a wide field for action as a

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or fall depending upon the adequacy of the diet in the first few

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are only tentative and it is too early to use them for

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Royal Infirmary Manchester Surgeon to the Manchester

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and poverty together with illness that goes with physical

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notes taken at the time of the March relapse and likewise of the

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abdominal hysterectomy for fibroids when the cervix is not involved

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have at the present day other measures which are equally efficacious


of the subject the first of its kind yet described.

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well till six months ago and then began to vomit after

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tion of the eye and brain Graefe nearly twenty years ago announced the

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view of the statute had been provided whereupon the Legisla

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an easier position and emits a short hacking painful

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improving the quality of the blood and I see no reason why they

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of the remedy before the oncoming of an attack a prophy

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may be united in oDe person. Following the eruption

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weeks while chronic cases may extend over months and even years.

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The group of muscles most commonly affected are the peronei and the

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ness and a pricking sensation in his arms and hands. There was no

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exact localization of the sensory and motor tracts of the spinal

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points are of special importance in the etiology the frequency

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the dairy profitable is to get a herd of cows suited to

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a preliminary and careful examination was made of the relation

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pensive new buildings on the grounds of the various State hos

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Blood sentm. The colonies on solidified blood serum are quite similar

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effects of over exertion. Moderately warm baths are useful but they

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venient constitutes a most formidable lion in the path leading

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l art of strychnine is probably oxidized in the body. While

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cases the organ is soft pulpy and in appearance as in other specific

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and serum globulin in the urine indicates a lesion of the renal

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flammation of the joint is very acute an active antiphlogistic treat

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ditions such as accumulation of wax in the ear. The prognosis may

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we possess to determine it with accuracy. Hence I was enabled

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If it has been extravasaled withia the peWis it mast be care

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to suffer from inanition. Then after a time came constipation due to the

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In the Eczema rubrum and a fortiori in the E. impetigenoides

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