age, and in the sanitary police of that metropolis.
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et scij.) During many months of close observation and treatment, this
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this Department to instruct Consular officers not to
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tendencies of the case. We have a history of insidi-
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the body — the nervous and the muscular. Discrimination between the
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arteritis is apt to follow various infective diseases ; that scarlet fever, by
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to any extent in the absence of fracture or other source of irritation.
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sclerotic degeneration — an argiiment, however, for which there is little
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valescence. Over forty cases of arterial thrombosis or of gangrene accom-
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of comparing corresponding parts of the limbs with one another ; for it
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cataract, or restoration of sight by iridectomy, in case
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but they are not common — life being usually cut short by the associated
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the sequel of articular changes must be regarded as rare ; while in
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of such an experimental study in 1887. The m.aterial composing
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and from one case seen in consultation in which I found the cutaneous
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produce a haemorrhagic diathesis, and may cause necroses in various situa-
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dependently led, almost by accident, to observe that in certain painful
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(Wagner's case) : such cases should obviously be excluded from this group
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us is sadly superficial however, and it falls far short
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is firm and tough, and often very dense, indurated, or callous — hence
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which the painful phases had lessened in severity, it is expressly recorded
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and thence into the various excretory channels. In a
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Kiemeyer and Skoda state that they had never met with an example,
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on the left ; corresponding thus with the distribution of emboli. Their
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disappears. Some fibres, however, undergo simple atrophy, and then the
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The first steps are rest to the affected part, reduction of inflammation,
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tion. He employs one-half grain pills of the extract

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