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' pear-shaped ' orifice of the nose as seen in the bare
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ment was cut. There was no hemorrhage from that of the right side. The
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of deaths arising from all causes. The size of the ulcer is usually
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I do not claim the nomenclature " ILxcito-Secrctory" as in-
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by an idea (?) which does not, this principle was suggested
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6. "Treatment of Typhoid Fever." John A. Larrabee, Louisville, Ky.
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nal" charging us with " assailing" the State University without sub-
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light complexioned boy of five years old, or thereabout, was,
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waste, passes into the current of venous blood, and return
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Morgan had been there aboitt half an hour before, and that Dr.
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tion is increased, the blood move3 forward through the congested ves-
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adherent to the right ilio-public aspect of the os, and a little
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however, were we not to acknowledge that he exhibits no small amount of
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should be the rule to make a thorough rectal examination in all
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ployed. The same sensations as at first were felt by surgeon
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Again, immediate occupation, of either mind or body, after a
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analytical views in regard to the use and value of " clinical aids to the sen-
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3. That it gives a loud, muffled, and confused sound, caused by
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doses were not only given with impunity but with the highest
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" I have since applied myself closely to rny profession, and think
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The best purgatives in stomach disorders are aloes and colocynth,
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then, is due the credit of acting the pioneer in a plan of free Univer-
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1 cwt. (112 lbs. Av.) = 1.1ft hundred weights = 7 stones 8.4 lbs., or .784 cwt.
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these vessels are urged with great force towards one side of
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pariet and aciphex problems
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initials, Z. P., fathers the article and the insinuation which we so
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is in such cases that the estimation of the dry residue of the

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