but, at the risk of some apparent inconsistency, a brief sketch of

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diabetes, and gives a table of thirty-nine cases. The

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usually been found on dissection of a foetus or still-born child ; or death

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setting in. In Orlofsky's first case, where the urine

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1. Persistent thymus. — The thymus body or glanrl is a structure

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remedy. Incompetence of the bladder is always to be

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stomach is of the same dull aching character, rather

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bladder and its passage into the ureters and renal pelves. It has not

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but its practical importance does not correspond to its frequency. It is

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that it is something more than a mere neuritis. Is it

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usually necessary to make any practical use of distinctions so line-drawn

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mass, totally destitute of nerves, blood-vessels, and bronchial tubes," and

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spine he says the pain is in the back, whereas every

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be above the azygos vein, the lividity and oedema are confined to the head

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fered with to any material degree, and as a rule escapes. In exceptional

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slowness and difficulty in thinking, loss of decision, weakness of memory

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the patient within twenty-four hours led to an autopsy, at which this

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GouK — Since the publication of the classical paper on gouty phle-

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the vicinity of the left external malleolus, and a little

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2. Spinal part — sensory filjres in the 5th (chiefly) and 4th

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patient experiences relief from the dryness and from

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and in any case women do not use it much except on exertion. A useful

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lialile to different morbid changes, most of which are sufficiently noticed in

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observed. I was called to see her on the fourth day

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numerous cases of abolition of taste (Salomonsohn, Heusner, Zenner) in

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the functions of vital structures. In malignant cases of any kind

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regains its power, the normal condition of the circulation becomes

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twenty minutes (Sternberg). Loss of blood causes the jerk to become more

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For we know well that in this country everybody is a

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tension. Johnson attributed the thickening of the arterioles to the

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tices are contemptible, and the fact that they take

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impulses. Sometimes the valves (the aortic chiefly) give way suddenly,

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was thrombosed much oftetier than the inferior. In many cases with

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