stop short at the peripheral nerves ? The possible association with

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in the blood may influence the process of thrombosis.

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Ranvier. Traite (Tamttomie pathologiqae. — 6. Dittrich. " Der syph. Krankheits-

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bacteria, and to remove these by carbolic acid without

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with four cases in which there were four transverse

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For twelve years she has suffered from attacks of pain at the heart, which are

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and do not mention it, or avoid work altogether. If

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Although the gangrene had not been averted, the patient's general nutrition, as well as

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plantar surface, and the separation of the sequestrum of skin is more

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meningeal and vascular ; and undoubtedly there are many intermediate

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of normal size. Enlargement is usually associated Avith more or less

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passed over to the next orator, who set the key to the

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muscle fibres so removed have been found actually larger than normal

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"When the ulcer is jilaced under favourable conditions, provided there

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Review contains an article from the prolific pen of

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city and the merit of thoroughness', but it is liable to

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Experimental jMrali/tic contracture. — A diff'erent kind of experimental

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obtain or detect a specific history. Maclean pointed out that in soldiers the

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careful regulation of the bowels is of the first importance, and should

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in the same manner; beginning with very severe pain

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amount of impulse, is in favour of tumour ; but I have known this

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inflammation — must be associated with venous thrombosis. It is true

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of their results may be found in the last numbers of

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several respects different, the hepatic artery, for example, standing higher

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attention is paid, and are classed as growing paius.

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compression by relays of assistants and a clamp de-

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weather her symptoms had returned in an aggravated form. The fingers as before were thin,

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sarily be delegated, in a large degree, to one or more

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