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The division of a large nerve, such as the sciatic, is serious for three

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General pathology of Multiple peripheral neuritis. — The limits of

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does not prejudice the question of the possibility of a ball-thrombus

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held as quite well established that extremely laborious occupations do

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already established opening in the membrana tympani.

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medicine. Errors have crept into it, chiefly ortho-

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though it cannot be said that the question has ever been thoroughly

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which demonstrate that bacteria are often present in these thrombi and in

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following symptoms : — Ataxy of the four limbs with muscular atrophy ;

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sufficient number of cases to give me the impression that it is at any

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ledge that my family would be well provided for, in

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portion of the inner capsule which passes the thala-

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into the circulation, where its conversion may occur

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The muscles should be exercised both passively and actively : passively,

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pressure be exerted slowly enough. Everyone is familiar with instances

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The thrombi have varied in size from that of a small walnut to that

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tubules are parallel with the long axis of the urethra

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blood. The nature of these changes is not known. Possibly increase of

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so-called press associations, which inflict themselves

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is greater probability that the accumulation and metamorphoses of the

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of interrupted columns of blood is evidently similar to that observed by

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to abstain from frequent sexual intercourse, to use in

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case which may be quoted in this place : The extirpa-

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