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ten months after the affection first appeared had not
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the attendants were good, active, representative men,
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the extent of the " jerk " is variable. "Where it appears to be absent
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had been a compound fracture of the centre of the frontal bone intense
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which rides an arterial bifurcation is much more likely to be an embolus
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were very evident, lividity of the face, apathy, dis-
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Disease of the Stomach, 1 ' for it seems to be a reca-
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remained free. One of my patients suffered from February to October
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The deserving poor would be better cared for, while
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not always clearly recognised, it being supposed at one time that the
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secondary consolidation of the lung due to inflammatory changes. The
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the terms " indurative '"' or " callous " mediastino-pericarditis. There
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science, but also on details of recent discovery. But
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of the blood ; not to the direct effect of the poison on nerve elements.
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be accounted for by the rapid excretion of the sub-
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license to practice has been issued. The right on the
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disease or injury of nerves has appeared, in a few in-
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haemorrhages from the stomach and bowels. In general, however, the
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to form any conclusion, but they go to show that the cases which come to
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when this duct is obliterated chylous ascites may follow.
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Gasseriaii ganglion and the brain was associated with such loss. In some
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system, their loss of contractility, and consequent
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exhaustion. This matter of passive exercise is seen
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nutrition of the muscular fibres ; but Adami argues that, if this be so, its
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der, in the right direction, and almost of itself, the
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was inclined to regard these joint affections as mild forms of an arttiro-
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responding muscles of the opposite side, as a rule,
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old subscribers object to this as unfair to them. We
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