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referred to. Of course it does not necessarily follow that senile changes

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Rej-uo ds' System of Medicine, vol. iv. p. 535 ; 1877. — 4. Hvchard. Maladies du

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subjects of the third group complain of numb or cold extremities, and of

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Owing to pressure on the sympathetic trunk, contraction of the pupil,

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disease and nerve degeneration. Whether in this case the arterial or the

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Pierson— Trago — By Rev. A. Swanev, Nov. 9th, at

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upon by other neurons, spinal, cerebral, and cerebellar. The autochthonous

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In considering the causes of chylous ascites seriatim the various ways

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cases in which the apparent solidification and the diminished pulsation

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It appears sufficiently evident from these facts that the future of

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raise the uterus to the health level clearly fulfills an

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of chyle into the general circulation may be considerable, as from the

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reports similarly successful operations. The author

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use, can certify that"with any ordinary injecting ap-

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with that of Krunibliolz, nor Fiirbringer's case of nimierous glubular thrombi, the largest

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aneurysm, in the ordinary sense of the word. The patients in both

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being prolonged without distinct murmur. The lungs were moderately emphy-

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the plains, many of which are very lofty, and their

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tion, to a less degree after menstruation, and in the arteries of an

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parts of the body, and the case was claimed by M. Raynaud as a chronic

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this he suffered from constant contraction of the triceps muscle of his

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