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but I have used it in a sufficient number of test cases
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heads and angles of two or three of the ribs ; and in a not inconsiderable
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symptoms, which have occasionally been observed to follow washing-out
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sided in two or three minutes, but pain and tenderness remained in the cardiac
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of the iliacs, or possibly the femoral, and one to thrombosis of the arteries
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important factor in localising disease from internal strain. In certain
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with it a farther presumption ^ of such changes in the aorta as may
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to the nerve cell, we may plausibly regard them as having a trophic
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Cohnheim's views were widely accepted until Litten, in 1880, in
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Editorials under the heads of the special departments may generally be accredited as indicated above.
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patient's brothers, sistere, and children. This is so marked a feature that
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The muscles of the face and neck are not affected as a rule, but in a
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tion, are open to differences of interpretation, and may, indeed, vary in
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that it comes from the lymphatic system. This condition, to which
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main bronchus of this lung there was found a large,
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a larger proportion of phosphorus than other meats,
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greatly. There is often pain, and there may be anaesthesia in the
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electrical battery was being limbered for action. The
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them, even by implication, from the category of phy-
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been the original exciting cause of the disease. Hav-
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infection is from without inwards ; that the inflammation around the
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which indicate the previous site of muscular struc-
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We have no information as to the amount of air required to cause death
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Trophic affections following lesions of the spinal cord
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lateral abductor paralysis, therefore, can only, in the first instance, be
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section of the fifth nerve, and more especially of its ophthalmic branch :
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traumatic tetanus successfully treated with chloral
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the trivial anastomoses which in external parts can respond effectively to
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no lesser cause for existence, and yet it is difficult to
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droop, it is true, but the person still sees. Impres-
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nerves furnish branches which convey the spirits into the eyes." Although
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uria distinguishes this condition from urethritis and
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oedema, and sometimes haemorrhage. Congestion may arise merely from
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