the vessels. It is also said to occur more readily " in people Avith full
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pare with this. He died poor. Let us learn from this
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d. Hcilk. 1862, iii. p. 241 ; 1865, vi. — 73. Zenker. Beitr. zu norm. u. path. Anat. d.
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tient, a man of thirty-eight, had, for six weeks be-
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arm and legs of the child, the blood is driven fro 2a
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sometimes it is the oedema. The pain may be severe. It is more or less
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with the teachings of its distinguished authorities,
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The pain was so severe that the patient was obliged
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We have in this case clinical evidence of an enlarged and somewhat labour-
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■caused by the bichloride accompany the use of the
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run down perilously, who weigh little, and lack blood,
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be dilated up to as much as 6| inches. Some authors lay stress on the
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physical exertion. The ordinary history of the first attack is that it
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mummification, and a small blackened area slowly separates by a. quiet
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parts around ; there were no secondary growths. Histologically it pre-
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motor palsies occur as an early feature in some cases of tabes dorsalis ;
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a fine canula — the expectation being that "the wire would remain in
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of the heart, increase in a regular ratio to the age. The heart is twelve
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on the other hand, when infected by pvogenetic organisms, is, as a rule,
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arise can hardly be maintained, if modern views as to the origin of car-
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micro-organisms or their products. These latter effects are essentially
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characteristic in themselves, and the spinal diseases with which they
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these will be more conveniently noted in connection with the particular
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— Protoiodide of mercury, -003 centigrammes, (about
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not be forgotten that in exceptional cases a growth makes its way into
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two to three weeks the axis- cylinders either cease to take on any stain, or
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repeatedly tapped, the clear fluid reaccumulating at first with great
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number of the worst cases by the local application of
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side, while in others, even Avithout apparent atrophy, the laryngoscope
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York, 1883. — 57. Sokoloff. Arthmpathics syringomyeliqucs, 1891. — 58. Strumpell.
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of apparent success Avhich demands notice, although the cases to Avhich
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who found that a previous division of the posterior spinal roots prevented
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careful regulation of the bowels is of the first importance, and should
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of a great storehouse like this. Text -books are con-

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