on the right or left side of the sternum. In })rolongcd cases the symptoms

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Not very infrequently after death in one or more of tliu intracranial

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vessel is absorbed, and the exudation in the immediate neighbourhood is

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quence of the use of salicylate of sodium, was alto-

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instances where he had kept solutions for some time,

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The former is due to an irritative lesion above the centre, in the pons

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The infective phlebitis from a wound, on the other hand, is one of

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rurgie, No. 39, 1878, reports seventy-three cases of

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patient. Normally, when the patient assumes an erect posture the

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mild cases may be cured by horizontal rest. Many cases relapse, and

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event ; and though this may be explained to a great extent by the presence

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given to cod-liver oil, the favorite child of the author.

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Arterial thrombosis, outside of the forms to which reference has

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sician was called to him as he seemed to be suffering

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with slowing and eddies of the blood-stream, — and partly by chemiotactic

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ally the iliacs and femorals ; but they do not come quite so naturally

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line of the suture. A certain, safe and efficient remedy

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found that in eleven out of thirteen cases the lower limits were attacked,

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so recorded. I have had the opportunity to examine the museum

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spontaneous fracture, this rarefactive change may be seen in its purity ;

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ing disease of the basilar or vertebrals. Alternate hemiplegia is another

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(c) Chronic pneumonia. — I have met Avith tAvo cases of Avhat I belicA^ed

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