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it was of little use to look for the original exciting
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be regarded as the centre of nervous energy or of psychic activity, as
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sides presenting a large body of evidence as regards spinal myosis, has also
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at from the frequency with which pysemic and septi-
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Have we here to deal with disease of the nerves or with disease of the
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armpits, more or less constantly for eleven years, and this almost apart from
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Three stages or forms of the disease may be distinguished : (i.) The
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two years, when it reaches its maturity ; remains more or less perfect
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curve to a most marked degree in the space of a few weeks. At the same
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with the prime object for which the Academy is said
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the greater part of the forearm up to the elbow, but rarely above it.
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the hypodermic injection of morphia becomes necessary.
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secondary growth forming a distinct tumour with all its consequences.
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It also occurs more commonly in the acute than in the chronic form
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with tenderness ; but the only positive sign is the ))resence of a "media-
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week. Arsenical poisoning is scarcely less fatal and
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slightly thickened — ^the explanation l>eing that the associated abnormal
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>rder to give our friends the mercurialists a choice
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pressure on or perfoiation of A-eins, and the like, will be discussed later.
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We cannot at present be said to possess a scientific knowledge of the
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are closely allied to the powerful poison muscarine. On the other hand,
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