possibly be chylous in appearance, in consequence of obstruction of the
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it refilled, pay an extra office fee for the privilege?
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Apart from external irritation, the effect of lost innervation is atrophic in
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respiratory paralysis, and yet make a complete recovery. The paralysis
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reducing substances would probably be readily produced.
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Calcareous degeneration is often associated with fatty changes in the
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these points may be added Arnold's argument that the thrombus cannot
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irregularity of action, syncope, or the very peculiar and indescribable sense
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side, muscular spasms and cramps ; on the sensory side, shooting
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the pus, the same symptoms recur, the suspicion that the vein is
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sac of an aneurysm temporarily, so as to form centres for the coagulation
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or less obstructive dyspnoea ; or it is affirmed that it may cause spasm of
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In many instances, as has been already pointed out, a cystic lymph-
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motor nerves, or be indicative of a simultaneous affection of the bulbar
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Physiology and Diseases of the Eye, Ear and Throat.
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His disease is not central or general myelitis. Is it a
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originate symptoms coming under this category, but their frequency varies
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is no recognisable atrophy. But the statement is untrue when applied
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upon her to submit to an examination, but after a lit-
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or rheumatic-like pains in the limbs, and of numbness and tingling in the
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growth. The question of duration must depend upon the nature of
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motor cranial nerves. Thus, the motor nuclei of the nerves may be affected
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Ravnaiid's Disease," Illustrated Medical Neios, April 27, May 4, May 11, May 25, 1889.
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intra-muscular terminations of the nerve is probable from what is known
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Archil; B. ex. p. 436.— 16. Hehrick, J. "Tricuspid Stenosis," -Bos<. Med. and Surg.
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the column of air in the trachea, " bv causing the patient to place within
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was sometimes normal; sometimes 97"6" F. ; rarely a little above normal
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