extremely difficult, an attempt vnW be made to treat of the various

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symptoms are reported by GulL Chvostek, and Ntmez. These cases

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mild cases there is little to mark the end of the attack beyond the

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region, so that a plum1>line hung from the most prominent point of this

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stenosis and cardiac failure, and foui' of mitral and tricuspid incompetence,

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capillary fibrosis on the vessels of the pia mater. It is rare to find cerebral

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cither with or without thrombosis. Fibroid myocarditis is often present

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"Hypertrophic Progr. Neuritis of \iiia.\icy,'' liev.de med. 1896. — VI. Eskkidge. Med.

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to the therapeutics of aneurysm as the result of over twenty years'

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even a toe ; or with closure of the popliteal or tibial arteries it may

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tobacco angina the coronary vessels may themselves partake in the spasm

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Lying in the peripheral part of the Sylvian gray matter, external

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und Hierap. 1895. Wien. — 9. Bramwell. Atlas of Clinical Medicine, 1892, vol. i.

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not caused by purulent infection. These cases of mul-

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Diagnosis. — This has to be made from diseases of the gray matter of

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Rolando between the frontal and parietal and the fissura

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However, the impression is inevitable that hypnotism

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into the mesentery, or into the general cavity of the peritoneum.

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The presence of a pronounced rheumatic diathesis, and the discovery of

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and extension of dulness across the middle line, are strongly in favour of

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latter also in turn may initiate lesions in nerve centres. But although it is

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smooth, and present none of the irregularities Avhich the nodular plaques

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your son is strong, a rustic's education is very good,

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complicating the invasive form, being iisually secondary to the injuries

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of the A'alves or aorta from chronic endarteritis is often associated Avitli

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A unique case is recorded by Pope (11), in which aneurysm of the left

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