lead to aneurysm, will all come into consideration, and will have their

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Schnitzler' s patient, not operated upon, died of fatty

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surrounded with great difficulties. An important factor in diagnosis is

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the fibres entering the so-called " sensory nucleus," by sclerosis of the

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but this can be explained by supposing that, from the first, such tumours

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tenderness have subsided, and there is evidence that the process of repair

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supper ; quinine, if the terror returns night after

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diseased the knee-jerk becomes modified, and nearly always either

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of many Louis daily the patient is racked by paroxysms of pain at regular

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motor nerves ; while, possibly, in a third series of cases morbid changes

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ined the frog, and was surprised to find little glob-

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but it was too late. The gangrene involved the whole

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optic tract. It has recently been considered critically by Henschen, who

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that this anesthetic is dangerous in long operations.

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the diagnosis. It must be remembered that the pain of neuritis is of

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it be not so profound they are present, and even exaggerated on the side

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to deal, it Avill be for the welfare of the patient that we should not be

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primary disease, if its nature is known. The association of a tumour

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liability to injury may possibly have some predisposing inlluence.

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and published in the Annales d'Oculistique, Septem-

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thrombosis is a recognised complication. The more important associa-

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indolent swelling of the lower extremity of the right

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health. The Philadelphia Medical Times says that the

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the increase of jerk under gradually increasing cerebral compression.

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be found, is a circumscription of the facts. We must

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encroached upon the lumen, and in one case to such an extent was the

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which come under clinical observation imder the a>pect of a chronic

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in other words, a severe interstitial inflammation in the nerve. Where

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drawn upon, Avhen the greater part of the root of the fifth nerve comes

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incompetent, and the pericardium adherent (Gerhardt). One pulmonary

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license to practice has been issued. The right on the

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the larynx, such as laryngitis or ulceration, which naturally tend to

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chyle has not occurred, for the obstruction may involve small vessels

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secreted. Occasionally a discharge of thin fluid takes place from one

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actual distinction can be made between them ; and it may even be im-

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