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apncea by vigorous artificial respiration. It seems,

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nent facts and modern views relating to the subject

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familiarity with medical literature, could advance far

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back of the thigh, and the upper part of the back of the leg, and it

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48, 1879 : I. A boy, three and one half years of age,

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necropsy the tibial arteries were seen to terminate in a cicatricial cul-de-

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the cause is withheld, or is even preferable, to the

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testimony of our local physicians, a reviewer in the September

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In addition to the muscles on the anterior aspect of the legs the calf

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further confirmation before they can be accepted, as several observers

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jiart of the ner\ous system is exempt from the influence of the poison.

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neuralgia minor which differs fundamentally from that just described,

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1879. Amputation of leg. Thirty hours before enter-

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about three-quarters of an inch from its origin, was blocked throughout

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cinity. It is the uneasiness of slight gastralgia, or the

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Drs. D. F. Condie and M. W. Dickeson, who were then on

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Syphilis is one of the most potent factors of disease of the middle-

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predisposing factor ; biit although there are a few instances in which

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be used, provided there be no trophic change in the skin where they are

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disappointed in its results. It appears to act as a

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who had milky eff"usions into the peritoneum and pleurae ; and a similar

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unilateral or occur on both sides ; when in the median line they tend to

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of the currents has to be increased until, finally, when there is no moi-e

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The causes of organisation of thrombi ate probably to be sought

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trate of silver. These methods are as faulty as the

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upper half of the body — face, neck, arms, and thorax — and dilatation of

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he increased in height from fifty to sixty centimeters.

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possible it is often between seven and ten seconds before the extensors

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proved it stands before the world as a grossly parti-

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