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The bovine bacillus is shorter than the human, seldom more than one-
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two vertebral arteries. Such sounds are sometimes audible to the auscul-
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fcetuses have lain in the cavity of the abdomen for years, and the bonesr
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is sometimes well borne, and as it is imperative that mercury should be
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gradually during several weeks, but it has been known to come on in a few
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epithelium. The walls of these alveoli consist of fibrous tissue of varying
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are regained, and the limbs can once mor^ be freely and actively moved;
of the absorbent glands, malignant tumors, and ulcerated sores, are re-
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the dead tissue may become encapsuled and invaded by fibrous tissue,
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Definition. — An acute specific infectious fever, prevailing in epidemics,

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