extensively over the back, usually as far as the lateral median
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daughter of J. P. and Anna J. Ferguson, who came from
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must be one the pathogenetic effects of which resemble those
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Prof. H. P. Gatchell, M.D., has taken up his residence in Ashville, N.C.
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from 1880- '89. Surgeon in the New York Dispensary, 1872-79;
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1907. — "The Major Operative Treatment of Middle-Ear Suppuration and Its
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the Professor of Gyniecology in the Chicago Polyclinic,
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youngest was discharged from the hospital.) They both
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with perforation of only one side of the hone. With the fissures
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lowing Childbirth," by J. H. Sherman, M.D., of South Boston.
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Medical Botany of North America. By Laurence Johnson,
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A System of Practical Medicine. By American authors.
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to the president and fellows of Yale College, with a circular,
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and Gynecologists, and is a fellow of the New York Academy of
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Dr. Sanders followed by saying that he always believed in
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he has led a very exemplary life: has never contracted
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Where the disease has reached a more chronic stage, general and local sweats
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the farm he kept during his pupilage in Virginia, and
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cranio-encephalic traumatisms, the wounded men suffering
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Indications." (Accepted by executive committee of the Section on Laryngology
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tions. It has been advised to combine these injections
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and scientific drug-proving in so large an association can doubt-
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and hardship as more certain accompaniments than any
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In gathering the facts relative to the autobiography of
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Some authors consider all surgical interferences of no avail; for
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draw general inferences from, on such a subject as this. Most
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Diet, hygiene, the use of cold water, etc., occupy in many
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ference could prevent a fatal issue in every case. This, however,
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tinguish large objects. While this improvement may be only
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certain branches of medical science, and of his experiments and ob-
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3 homoeopathic hospitals, and 8 dispensaries, 5 of which are in
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Evolution. — With the present small perforations pro-
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trolled by Gold and Manganese in Combination ' ' was read before both
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child has done well upon it, will it not be good policy to continue

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