opii camph. , — "on the upper shelf, into his pre-

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abdomen are affected, and in rare cases those of the neck also. When

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iodine, the button cautery, or a fiy-blister ; but generally rest should be

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to Meryon's case, the figiu'es illustrating which, Duchenne says, have a gi-eat

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such patients exhibit intense and ^videsprcad superficial tenderness of the

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raised to fifteen grains three times daily. After be-

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The causation is unknown. In rare cases this neuroma may cause

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to (p. 35) may be taken as embodying briefly my own views as

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the neck ; the latter in disease affecting part of the third nerve nucleus,

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muscles has been compiled partly from original investigations, and partly

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Tlic diagnosis of lymphangitis is generally easy. In its slighter forms

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trunk, when exposed after suppurative disease of the middle ear, gave

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in any way characteristic. In others there are both murmur and well-

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There were 18 cases of general paralysis, and in 10 of these there was

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proper appreciation — which is the professional appre-

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infarcts. The necrosis cannot well be attributed to compression of the

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' A patient died of primary cancer of the left hing in Addenbrooke's Hospital a few

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field, "extends to the protection of the lives, limbs,

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the thrombotic barrier, undermining and splitting the white substance,

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are not present at all. It may be that, as Dr. Ewart suggests (25,

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normal, the .interior and posterior tibials of both sides presented changes

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.lahrb. 18SS, p. 259. — 51. Glexard. Coatrib. d I't-tudc des causes de la cong. sjMhtan.

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for the laboratory. Its practical nature is also shown

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Thus Dr. Koss knew a gentleman, of gouty parentage, who experienced

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36. Why'te and Gillespie. Edinburgh Medical Jounml, Dec. 1897, p. 551. — 37.

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