quently it is accomplished through the pernicious custom of indiscrim-
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erably given hypodermically. Of course, in nearly all instances, if the
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hands. Hemorrhages have been observed in severe epidemics.
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" Pylethrombosis may be regarded as probable if no other possible
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By Edward M.\rtix, A.M., M.D., Clinical Professor of Genito-
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to contain bile-pigment, the patient's linen frequently being discolored.
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injection of various substances (as iodin and zinc-chlorid electrolysis),
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when it is far advanced. The only condition with which it could be con-
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in the course of pregnancy or during any of the fevers, without casts, is
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in which it produces the disease with every characteristic symptom.
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mental irritability are significant. In the absence of a history of ex-
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Paroxysms, provoked by undue exertion . Paroxysms arise spontaneously, are peri-
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scapula dislocated, the shoulder ill-shapen and drooping, and the lower
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the essential feature of poliomyelitis ; all else is subordinate to
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have, however, met with two instances of well-developed' diabetes in
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convolutions (motor area) contain muscular and tactile sensory functions.
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rior spinal sclerosis. Abortion results in pregnant women.
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seat of the tumor. The localized tenderness and circumscribed resist-
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stitutional as well as the local disturbance rapidly abates.
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Hypertrophy of the heart is not always present in amyloid disease of
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appropriately termed "small-lunged emphysema" by Sir Wm. Jenner.
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While in addressing members of the medical profession it is
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to be paler than normal, and somewhat altered in size and shape. Some
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hard and very rapid pulse, and the peculiar desquamation affecting the
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adjacent tissue into pus. There rarely is found an exudation which
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Saccharin in 2- or 3-grain (0.129-0.194), and benzoic and boric acids in
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lactic acids, and other bodies belonging to the fatty acid series.
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])eated hemorrhages, and syphilis exert a predisposing influence. The
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intestines diarrliea develops. Alternating constipation and diarrhea are
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cutaneous nerve; and, third, a contraction on accommodation, usually,
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practitioner often meets with cases of peritonitis in Avhich these pyogenic
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Is sometimes accompanied by violent con- Convulsive seizures never occur,
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less nurses or by dirty dressings of the stump, etc. (Papienske).
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symptom, peculiar to all cases, is the fever. The onset is generally
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moner neoplasm of this region. The clinical term " cancer " was formerly
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who have passed the middle period of life are mainly affected.
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the cervical vessels must not be confounded with the up-and-down move-
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change of climate, tonics, and the correction of any atonic condition
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become involved by an extension of inflammation from the visceral layer
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sometimes attributed to pressure upon the bile-duct. Cr astro-intestinal
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by the local and internal use of potassium chlorate. Upon the first
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muscular atrophy, and syringomyelia. Pressure, whether due to a
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ence to the parts of the organ most frequently attacked, Welch analyzed
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Inosituria. — Inosite occurs in the urine in diabetes insipidus.

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