are almost always secondaiy, but a number of primary sarcomata of the

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1977. — 7. DfXGES. '"Ueber das Verhalten der Sehnenreflexe bei Abkiihlung der

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organisms can have entered ; occasionally, however, fluctuation may be

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p. 1146. — 17. Lannois. Paralysie vaso-motrice des extrcmitis on erythromelalgie. Paris,

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rious complication may now present itself on the part

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arteries, which arise in the sinuses of Valsalva, but, instead of running

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would be sure of obtaining one of recognized standing

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in a given case at a much earlier moment by one ob-

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medicines in this disorder is, taken altogether, a sub-

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emphasis is properly laid in the former upon the more gradual ap-

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In this investigation attention must of course be paid to the parts above

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very slightly enlarged, but no defiuite temporary enlargement during the paroxysms has

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the motor or the sensory division of the nerve. The most recent M^ork

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attention to the more important facts relating to the morbid anatomy of

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atory, long-continued spasms, such as constitute " rigidities " at all com-

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can be shown that any appreciable number of cases of angina ])ectoris

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tum had been converted into a vast cavity, contain-

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The evidence was therefore conclusive that the dominant cause of vege-

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Indeed, it seems probable that in these cases a true ascending interstitial

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have little, if any, tendency to destroy the endothelium lining the vessels

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exception the bone and cartilage remain unaltered until they hav^e become

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(i.) The tunica infima, or inner coat, consists, from within outwards, of

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him, the action of the heart remained so powerful as to give a visible impulse to

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traumatism. This, however, is not the place to consider the other varieties

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watched for from a diagnostic point of view, and they can generally be

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Jan. 25, 1867. — U. H')nGsox. Treatise on the Disease of Arteries and Feins, contain-

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The most effective stimuli in this condition are heat and cold ; for in many

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correspondent, there should be professional brethren

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current of blood ; but it may grow in the opposite direction. The intact

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ensues, and the loss of function is permanent. It is, therefore, of the

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traditional custom places a minister under obligation

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