2 In Liittich's case already mentioned (p. 273) of thrombosis of the a<>rta in an infant
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venous occlusion by simple or benign thrombi. Such innocuous throm-
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tion. Of the latter, ten patients were discharged with
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The toheiic fiM. — The first case was described and the patient
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The patient was a delicate boy, four years of age, who
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or complete immobility of one pu})il, however, under varying conditions
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situated that a thrombus springing from it is the real cause of the local
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There seems little doubt from the above account that the case was
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ever, pathological. As already stated, the piece of nerA'c Avas found to
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is a striking feature. In addition to the mobile spasm there is often a
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Foley, of St. Martin's Church, Baltimore, Dr. F. H. Noo-
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other micro-organisms ; they are therefore due to infection, and belong to
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Landry, in the sense of '" centripetal," to indicate that the paraly.sis
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medical certificate or paper of value to the applicant,
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action, there may be extreme distension of vessels, with elevation of
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The bearing upon " spasm," " tremor," and the so-called " tendon
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presence of portions of morbid gro\A'ths, which might be of great diagnostic
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are knoAvn by physical signs to exist. For instance, I have known an
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bilateral, but occasionallj^ unilateral. Not uncommonly the patient has
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and sinuses which should be protected by valves in the jugular veins.
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ion, and this so much the more, as no one up to the
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ultimately died very suddenly from a rupture of the aneurysm into the
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While the extent of the gangrene is in relation to the seat of the
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a tourniquet, in the region interposed between the giving ofi" of the renal
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when only four litres had been injected into a body affected with wide-
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Fibroid Development of Posterior Half of Uterus —
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ing fully established ascites, would in all probability

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