Embolism is the most serious complication to which a patient suff'er-

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of the existing symptoms and physical signs, ought to leave little I'oom

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L. " Study of," Rev. de med. 1896, p. 476.— 120. Morton, T'. " X Rays in Diagnosis

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Secondly, there may be pain produced in the nerve or its area of

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lin's gland had opened into the rectum and that gas

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pleuritic disease, the case sooner or later assuming a mediastinal character.

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although in many cases it stands in relation to discoverable disease about

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And attempts, with these divisions as typical of all,

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neurotic joint affections is swelling and laxness of the capsule of the joint,

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Of these, 34 were noted as " marked " ; the remainder as " some

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as regards the dilTerences between asylum and hospital experience. The

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above may be quite healthy, and lymph may then pass into it hy anasto-

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surgery, a physician cannot afford to sacrifice repu-

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metrical, terminal, dry, and limited. It would seem, moreover, that in

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the central ganglia and the eye of the same side, and occupying the

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detached, and had not assumed the typical spherical or ovoid shape of the

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full of the emotions, and he delighted in the ameni-

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Von Kahlpex. "Periarteritis 'So^Xosa.," Ziegler's Beitrdge, \. \i9^. — 32. Fletcheu.

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tendon reflexes ever occurs from a primary affection of the afferent oi-

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corps was never placed on a firmer basis than at the

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fat or deformed, the uterus may be felt through the

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In the face of such facts, positive as regards the heart, negative or

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a pain below the left nipple. Next morning he was much relieved, and

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times the joint effusion was preceded by pain, in other cases it was

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ent sounds produced during the act of coughing in connection with

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same family. In Meiyon's cases, quoted aboA'e, all the four boys of one

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the reception by the medical press of the country of

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opportunity for backward flow from the veins. Or, expressed differently,

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Central and peripheral nervous supply to the head and neck.

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