success is claimed in all but the first, which was for "a very large aorto-

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neuritis. Thus it occurs in alcoholic, in lead, and in axsenical paralysis.

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obviously the first step is to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the

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consequence of degeneration of the pyramidal tracts, and, when unattended

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of Ross is of importance, for he showed (12), in a case of tabes dorsalis,

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parts, by weight, of arsenious acid and sulphate of

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the oesophagus by instrumental methods ; but this procedure always

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too often the case, the proverbial generosity of our

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case revealed very pronounced hypertrophic sclerosis of the limb nerves,

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26. Wlassow. Zi:glers Beitruge, 1894, xv. p. 54-3. — 27. Zahn. I'irchoic's Arch. 1875,

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death which is more or less a feature of the attack. A cold sweat

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has been experimentally cut across ; and it is probable that hypertrophy

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In 128 out of 145 cases there was ol)literation or stenosis of the

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the result, usually, of immediate death by haemorrhage ; or the false pass-

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tor lays great stress. One is that the patient receive

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plication of these diagnostic aids to other regions of

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increased traiisudation of serum (not alone sufficient, for tying the

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part of the pessary occupies the center of the vulva,

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They not only justify the suspicion that physicians

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saignac. I refer in this regard to a series of lectures

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without such a degree of enlargement of the side or other signs as would

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membranes, or of the nerve roots (third or fourth cervical) may cause the

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of surgical instruments. Some authorities place its

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themselves as obvious cases of mediastinal tumour, both as regards

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It is obvious that bacteria are likely to find especially favourable

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