and exceeded their income; the sick sailors were not
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few minutes only, in the monkey usually for a much longer period, often
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bed for a long time, but myelitis, especially, predis-
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arose, is there any good and sufficient ground for it ?
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has to do, and does it with almost an exuberance of will, and sometimes
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recent literature on asylum reform, previously noticed
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in origin, these arteries were almost impermeable at their orifices, and
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(that is, not obviously visceral) pains as due to irritation " conducted to
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perusal of the volume, which is a very practical and
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system the actual lesion, which appears to be potent in the production of
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have been very like one of threatening senile gangrene. In Henoch's
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greater or less degree, be successfully treated by re-
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proper precautions in vessels lined with oil or vaseline remains fluid for
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Anturipmal sounds and murinins. — Each of the phenomena above
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Bostroem has suggested that an explanation may be found in the
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after symptoms indicative of haemorrhagic infarction. Packard attri-
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pels the patient to seek medical aid. With the pres-
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buted. Slight fibrillation of the affected muscles may be observed. The
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Chronicle, June 1858, under the suggestive title, "Contraction of the
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which galvanism, shampooing, and Swedish movements are employed
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ing the particular muscle that was first attacked in
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case was a sarcoma, with more fully developed cells
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of Aiken, and their description of that locality as a
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thesia, although a less prominent symptom than muscular hyperassthesia,
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Neuralgia minor secondary to diseases of the teeth. — The first stage of
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an extensive distribution is injured, so that recovery is much delayed,
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1. Adamkiewicz. Zcitschrift J. llin. Mcdiiin, iii. p. 450. — 2. Beevor, C.
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every criminal trial requiring medical testimony. The
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