man, and in clean division of the cord in animals, the knee-jerks do not

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Moseley, E. B., 1st lieutenant and assistant surgeon. Having

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pathies and arthropathies. Under any circumstances fractures are most

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that age ; only 2 patients were over 30. Dr. Harris, therefore, con-

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"chiefly women — nervous women, who as a rule are

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than appeared in the first edition. Instead of writing

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[Notices inserted in this column gratis, and are solicited

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thrombi is afforded by diseases of the valves and walls of the heart, and

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face is mentioned by Sir William Gowers ; in this the orbicularis oris

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less fibi'oid or fattily degenerated. The coronary vessels, one or both, are

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tive material which, but for the destruction of its nerve-supply, would

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Mr. Arbuthnot Lane successfully treated a marked case of macrocheilia

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or managing officers of dispensaries owe it to them-

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I note that the eldest of the patients under 18 was really only 16 ; that

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There has been much discussion on the occurrence of changes in

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knife. In the cavity of the joint, was found a little

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the vein. Other intra-thoracic veins may be implicated singly.

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action of certain drugs of the digitalis class will have a similar effect.

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paper, — part of the transactions of the New York

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finally the slides and covers used in examining the last

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tumour, it may be of large dimensions and of lapid growth. Such a

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23, 1893.— 236. Nordenfeldt. Hijgiea, 1897, lix. pt. 2, p. 228.-237. Smith.

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logical characters of which are that it will become at

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onstrator of anatomy at the Chicago Medical College,

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can be easily done without exciting undue attention), the presence or

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paralysis occurred per se, was a point which he could

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tory goes, the case contains nothing of any unusual

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Kiexer. "Tuberculosis of Serous Membranes," Arch, dephysiol. vii. 1880. — 25. M artix.

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Historical.— 1. Cohn, V,. Kllnik d. embol. Gefdsskrnnkh. lieiliii, I860.— '2. B.

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first incumbent of these offices, and to carry into effect

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Gelsemium and butyl chloral are invaluable in all minor neuralgias

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