Medicales, January 15, 1880, details the methods of

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towe, may block the aorta at or just below the mouth of the aneurysm.

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trunk were in a state of tonic spasm, the whole sur-

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the prevalent opinions as to the danger of the prac-

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although in many cases it stands in relation to discoverable disease about

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isfied that his practice has been correct, and he is

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formation of callus directly interfering with intercostal nerves), scoliosis,

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fibrillary muscular conti'actions, of muscular paresis, and atrophy.

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but with no special purpose, when I was surprised to

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most careful pathological examination by skilled o])servers reveals nothing.

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matous state of the lips, tongue and palate. We saw

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upon total transverse lesion of the spinal cord above the lumbar enlarge-

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Trophic affections following lesions of peripheral nerves. —

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and, shrinking away i'rom the surrounding ring of epidermis, cracks, and

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singly the peculiarities in the signs mentioned are not absolutely con-

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that the following societies will hold their annual

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may be taken for that of biliary colic ; in fact "pseudo-biliary " colic may

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toms have already made it most likely that an aneurysm exists, l)Ut where,

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the practice of outside physicians by offers of gratui-

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ulous features of such a requirement will strike any

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paralysed that the patient was unable to frown. Hughlings Jackson has

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remarks on this point. Localised non-malignant tumours merel}^ lead to

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(i.) That aneurysm of the aorta, when accompanied by symptoms

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overcome, has been rekindled by its use. He does not

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secretion is scantv. The liver function must be stimulated from time to

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tremors and twitchings, especially of the hind legs,

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to do with it. I did not know, but since then I have

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the bulb to form a chamber above its orifice for isolation of air.

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are undoul)tedly irritated. The supra-orbital pains referred to by Head

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