acids, .902; fat acid salts (soaps), 3.972. Cholesterin,

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It is best to apply them intermittingly ; a warm fomentation may be put

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participation of blood-platelets and corpuscles, a thrombus may be more

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one case out of the whole series were the mitral valves stated to have been

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are by every one else) in the light of a natural process making for cure :

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with the contracted and almost pulseless smaller vessels ; and again

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using calomel is also a pure prejudice, since calomel

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growth produces a more general enlargement. It may also be mentioned

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that the disease has invariably been mistaken for neuralgia minor at first,

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petence, and, still more frequently, from mitral stenosis ; (b) from chronic

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afflicted with a severe and painful disease of the kid-

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thinks purulent transformation of the effused fluids

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been assumed that the former represents the original detached part, and

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frequent in the first year, and that the numbers diminish with each

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pheral neuritis ] These questions have been partially discussed in con-

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place of the carbolized oil and cotton tampons for-

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the presence of a foreign body possible, but later,

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bosed vessel and perhaps into communicating vessels. A secondary or

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definite symptoms or signs pointing specially to any enlargement of this

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occurrence of a fall of temperature of three or four

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barrass the action of the heart and lungs. Lesion of

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for chronic disease of the organ, with five recoveries.

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the pathology of the organs considered is remarkable,

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globules, and thus resembles chylous ascites ; but there is no evidence

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on the otiier hand, spreads rapidly and over a considerable area, usually

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of the patient. Later the treatment will be directed to the bronchitis

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is calcification ; encapsuled cretaceous material or calcareous masses

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further that no person insured, need lose one dollar

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great majority of cases it has been reported as autochthonous. In the

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