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to peripheral neuritis. That this change may play some ultimate part
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costal cartilages). The diagnosis of such aneurysms is usually easy and
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While pre-existing vascular disease, particularly angio-sclerosis and
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also temporary ; but, if the disease be not treated, the A-essels which allowed
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usefulness and importance of this classification must
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which was formerly localised in the distal segments of the extremities, was now
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seven days, the second in three, and the last in three
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ment, thrombi should be examined at intervals of minutes from their
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Mr. W. G. Spencer, in 1892, recorded the case of a boy, aged thirteen,
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majority of cases the diagnosis has been intestinal obstruction, or acute
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each side of the river. But there are four " Colleges"
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slight variations, that an electrical examination can scarcely be regai'ded
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tone itself or to the indifferent fluid in which the
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spiration, and by oVer-action of the lower intercostal muscles. When the
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which may fill large tracts of the lung with an almost uniform mass, in
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influences, such as chronic alcoholism and plumbism, may also be im-
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place much more slowly ; one pai't, or the whole of the pulp in the
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this region, demand further consideration, especially carcinoma and sarcoma.
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result of diphtheria and syphilis, in which latter condition it may indicate
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very apt to be misunderstood ; and I have known verj' giave errors in
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Charcot et B., 1894. — 4. Ballet, G. Le prog. vied. 1896. — 5. Blevor. Quart. Med.
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usually involves the ciliary muscle; but either the third or the sixth, or
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from its ranks, not only those who habitually steal
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The patient was anaesthetized, and the globe was re-
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involving the pelvic organs; and in persons with varicose veins.
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systolic, have ])ecn dcsei'ihwd in several instances over an intra-thoracic
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ing physicians to properly examine the claims of each
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which does not give rise to any apprecial)le symptoms, or, at any rate, to
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(ft) Chronic phthisis. — There is a real danger of mistaking cancer
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duced in 1876 to 17 in 1,000; in another district the

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