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bus extended into the portal vein. The thrombus in the superior

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lary artery with his hands in such a manner that not

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army of those " pests of the lying-in room " called

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more frequent in men. than women ; and in comparatively early life —

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cope in which the paroxysms gradually tend to lengthen, till at last,

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pensatory to degeneration of the muscular and elastic tissues. In the

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was not removed. The latter fact is of the first im-

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unless it can be clearly established that they are constant, and have come

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treat the conditions found there. To aid the discovery of this primary

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when studied in their association with other physical signs.

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(i.) Cydoplegw, or paralysis of accommodation, is a feature in paralysis

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thickening of the vessels of the limbs, ^vith narrowing of the lumen, was

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monia, acute tuberculosis, and tuberculous phthisis with the formation of

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it is frequently followed later hy disease of the nervous system. Hitzig

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of the Cranium," Labor. Rep. Rotj. Coll. Phys. Edin. — 63. " Mechanism of Brain

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by the naturally firm consistence of the kidney is increased by the SM'ell-

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important particulars, such as the formulae of nine-

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formed on both sides. Skiagrams shoAv that the posterior part of the os

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The blood carefully drawn from the fingers during the attack presented

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results. The jmtient recovered from these repeated paroxysms, and

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previous to operation, the patient is given only such

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allay the irritation of urticaria simplex. This has

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paid for, belongs to the patient by right of law. In

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few instances on record in which the details are adequately given, and

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slight attack of left hemiplegia with headache, vertigo, and sight troubles.

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upon in July last for an irreducible omental hernia,

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of other articles in this work, it must be clearly recognised that in a

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climacteric period, and in later life affects women rarely yet almost

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that fatigue of cardiac muscle, as of other muscles, causes a tendency to

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