increases ; in some instances by the agglomeration of other similar spots.

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that leaves turn red, at the end of the season, througk

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called the sac." According to this comprehensive definition no aneu-

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All of these prescriptions are, as perhaps you know,

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■wards and post-mortem room of Charing Cross Hospital, I found three cases

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had no similar attack. I may say that this gentleman's mother died suddenly

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current ailments. To arrive at a just conclusion under such circum-

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tion gives very little trouble, and would "readily es-

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65. — 107. Councilman. Boston Med. and Surg. Journ. 1894, cxxx. p. 410. — 108. Elliot.

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muscles, pro:luced hy the action of their opponents, makes them contract,

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Councilman, in a recent study of arterio-sclerosis, divides the subject

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taining scarlet fever, in isolating all cases of small-

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ers against meddling with affections of the eye when-

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(b) Local applications. — Counter-irritation over the painful spots, or

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of changes in the nervous centres. These hypotheses met with no

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general thickening of the neuroglia, and some alteration of the pos-

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other acute pulmonary affections ; namely, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuber-

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inapplicable, we are forced to fall back upon the distribution of anaes-

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from a want of discrimination between neuralgia major and the minor

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in the opening, and two or three similar observations have been made by

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exercising deep pressure on the nerve in the buttock or in the middle

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{h) Disorders of respiration. — As might be expected, breathing is

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implicated but the anatomical proof of this is not yet fully established.

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palsies ai-e almost invariably due to specific causes (syphilis, rheumatism,

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introduction of foreign bodies into the circulation. If the early for-

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