attack goes off, flow freely again. The inability of the stomach during

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lightning pains and vevy marked disturbances of sensation with delay in

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43,200 in twenty-four hours. In any case the diminished number of

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41 baffled every effort of the physician." Let me in-

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stituted, is unprogressive, if not actually reactionary

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field uninvestigated within the first score of years

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diagnosis depends. Any evidence that the heart has yielded before the

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agent? Fortunately we have another, sulphuric ether,

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consecutive to the chronic bronchitis of cardiac and other diseases. He

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nels offering least resistance, and the natural secre-

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until the operator has satisfied himself, by thrusting

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and corpulent, and the .sallow, emaciated and rather cachectic patient with

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counts. In this system, the width of the school-room

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suppuration and only slight bleeding. Signs of erythromelalgia gradu-

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As Oppenheim in his valuable Avork points out, you may have a hemi-

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etc. etc., in correcting a predisposition to consump-

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event ; and though this may be explained to a great extent by the presence

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alike ; so that in addition to pain and angesthesia there is also motor

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children, yet would answer questions rationally when

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obliquely outwards, and passing through the tegmentum and trans-

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diseases, which we recognise clinically as distinct maladies, are in reality

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which may lead to such disorders are many, and not imcommonly

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vaginal tissues, the operation is contraindicated on

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the parts and impairing their vitality. This in most

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of the brain, between the Sylvian borders. The first

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Prognosis. — The prognosis of angina vasomotoria is, as a rule, very

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is perforated by a growth from the lung or mediastinum, A'omiting of

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Doj^en's cases the cornea one week, two months, and one year respectively

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