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safe and sufficient resource under these circumstances.
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this variety as angina pectoris vasomotoria, and we have to inquire into the
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to peripheral neuritis appear to have been the probable causes. Thus it
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nerve fibres, but also, in many cases, on the vessels supplying them. The
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ticipated result corroborates the views put forward in 1887 on the
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id gressive mental reflection and fear on the part of the
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nant tumour into the lumen of the vein. Banti reports a curious case
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normal state until the bronchial inflammation ensued
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If the hyperpiesis of the pulse be very marked, and especially if there
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experience. Dysphagia may be amongst the earliest, and is sometimes the
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Such are the hints in regard to -the feeding of this
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cicatricial tissue in the uterine canal resulting from
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Further experiments showed that lesions of the spinal cord in this
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tabetic change has spread to the cervical region of the cord. With
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diac irregularity is generally called functional, unless
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but its practical importance does not correspond to its frequency. It is
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safety-valve action, and is considered of great importance in relieving the
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but muscular spasm is not one of the symptoms. In chronic poisoning
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then, becoming detached, has caused sudden death from sufl^"ocation by
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sion of leave of absence on surgeon's certificate of disability
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feeble contractions, while the currents of the pile
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the pons Varolii ; the latter is most connnonly observed in tabes, general
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which is unknown, but which may well form the outward part of the
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tient very much as he would desire to treat His Maj-
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the ideal of anesthetics, but it can scarcely be em-
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When these symptoms occur alone, the lesion is situated almost invariably
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they are used also in the treatment of diphtheria and
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Brit. Med. Journal, 1891 ; Clinical Journal, 1897. — 7. Krause. Neuralgie des
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ing elTects following obstruction to the arterial supply of ditlerent parts
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symptoms, the primary mischief having been a limited area of malignant
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observers have described an increase of the connective tissue between the
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plication of the inhibitory center of the heart. Such
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swelling and blueness of the fingers, such as is seen in chilblains ; the
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the profession is largely to blame in the matter of

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